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130 Dodge Rd
Littleton,NH 03561

Professional, Reliable care for your animals in the comfort of their own homes

Housecleaning service: I will come to your home and clean for up to 3 hours, weekly openings are available.  When I am finished, I will also walk your dogs at no additional charge!

The hourly rate is $22. (No travel charge on housecleaning )

Expert Mid-Day dogwalking services: Leave your dogs home safely while you work, and I will walk them for up to 1/2 hour. Rates start as low as $11 for up to 2 dogs.

As a multiple pet owner myself, I know all too well how difficult it can be to leave our animals in the care of others. You can’t always take them with you, but you can leave them home all together, safe and comfortable in their own habitat. 


§     Reduced stress:  Your pet stays where it feels most comfortable and secure - at home.  With familiar sights, sounds, smells, and routines your pet can relax and follow its regular schedule.

§     No “travel” trauma.

§     No exposure to the illnesses of other animals.

§     Personal attention:  Your pet will be pampered by a reliable professional using the instructions you specify.


§     Free initial consultation in your home.  At this visit we can discuss your pet care needs, complete the necessary paperwork, and go over your home care instructions.

§     Discrete Service:  I strive to keep your home exactly as you left it, even cleaner!  And I am vigilant while entering your home, so you can be sure I won’t attract unwanted attention.

§     Security:  The Critter Sitter uses proven crime deterrence techniques to give your home a lived in, protected look at no extra charge.

§     Special Services:  Your service includes watering plants, retrieving mail, taking out garbage, and more.

§     Affordability:  All your pets stay together for one low per visit (not per pet) rate.

§     Peace of Mind Affordability: While you are away you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, caring hands. 

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 Treat every pet as if it were my own.                                                  lampchop.jpg
My dependability is of the utmost importance.                                     
Honesty and trustworthiness are expected by my customers.
My customer's home and property should be respected and protected.   
Always keep my promises and fulfill my commitments.
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Courtney the sheep

Buster and Boyer
these barn roosters keep me on my toes!
"To God be the Glory, Great Things He hath done-So loved He the World that He gave us His Son!"

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